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Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone, I'm new.

I'm reading "The Stand" by Steven King for the second time. The 1,141 page uncut version. Some people consider his books to be tacky or made for "cheap thrills." Granted, he's written some flaming wrecks to be sure. But "The Stand" is by far the scariest book I have ever read. The concept isn't particularly new - a government blunder leads to a supervirus being unleashed on the population. A virus with a 99.4% mortality rate. The surviving population are all affected by dreams of a dark, cruel man who leaves you with a cold feeling (symbolizing evil, obviously) and of a 108-year old black woman, the "good guy." The survivors are drawn to migrate to where either the man or the woman is, and the book follows the exploits of about 20 people in particular. The evil left in the world looks to wipe out the "good guys." The protagonists have to make their stand - but how will it turn out?

This book is truly frightening because of the reality of it. It's quite possible that we have biological weapons .. what if the worst did happen? How would we rebuild? If you read one Stephen King book in your life, let it be "The Stand."

P.S.- They made a movie version. I can't be sure, but I think it was made-for-TV. I remember Gary Sinise was in it. He's a pretty good actor, but what I watched of the film was terrible and cheesy. I only made it through part II because it was a waste of my Blockbuster gift certificate.

Anywho, that's that.

My teacher reccomended I read Ayn Rand. Any suggestions?

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